17 January, 2008

Markets Continue Slide. Economic Worries Standout in Dow's 300 Point Loss

Slowing US Economics have pushed sellers to the forefront this entire week, and today's 300 point Dow tumble was another straw in the year to date tumbling market house. S&P stands down 9% year to date, while the Nasdaq is off 11%.

The Nasdaq was hit hard this week as technology sold off on those very same economic fears. The winners heading into the tail end of 2007 were those being bid up to ever higher 52-week and all-time highs and soon of these companies are feeling the financial fallout as their P/E ratios get slashed worst than Real Estate on Elm St.

It didn't help this week that Intel (INTC) missed numbers, by a couple cents, and came in on the low end of revenue guidance, even though business is just fine (Revenue guidance of up to $10Billion for next quarter versus the estimated $10.1Billion). The stock took a 12% hit that day, putting it under $20/share.

Apple's (AAPL) marquee event MacWorld, was deemed a failure this year as everything announced was expected and it included nothing as revolutionary as last year's iPhone. A Router/Storage hub, an iTunes movie rental service, new iPhone software and the new thin laptop that has been criticized by many as not hitting any particular market. Only time will tell whether the super thin Mac Book Air will sell decently well at its $1800 price point. Sony (SNE) has their ultra-thin laptop line well over the $2000 price point for years. Apple shares have fallen from their $202 record and now sit just over the $160 mark, with expected quarterly blow-out earnings numbers coming next week. A troubling fall for a company built on Steve Jobs hype, which now has analysts falling over themselves reiterating its cheapness/value opportunity.

These are troubling economic times nonetheless, as investors look for safer havens, seeing their financial, consumer and technology faithful stocks being sold off in great numbers.
The Googles (GOOG), Baidus (BIDU) and Amazons (AMZN) are all down significantly as the high P/E ratio game of Internet companies is shrinking due to recessionary economic factors and fears. The banks are steeped in mortgage losses and more potential dividend cuts are luring Investors away. Even hot commodities of late like Oil and Gold have cooled quickly and abruptly by the sell triggers.

All eyes now shift to the Federal Reserve and Chairman Ben Bernanke. Traders expect at least a .5% Interest Rate cut at the next meeting, and Bernanke has pledged the Fed will be aggressive in trying to fend off recession. We'll see at the end of the month how it all plays out, but till then expect the same volatility and uneasiness when choosing the right things to buy, or in fact short sell.

Disclosure: Author owns AAPL, GOOG

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