07 January, 2008

Jobs Report Pressure Continues Monday, Markets Mixed

In what was a continuation of volatile trading from last week, stocks on Monday fell hard early but managed to see-saw their way into some gains. The Jobs numbers, which caused a market-wide sell-off last week, due to their re-igniting recession fears, were back somewhat in the spotlight as selling carried forward early Monday.

The market came back, sort of, to end the day mixed with the Dow and S&P barely up and the Nasdaq barely down (.2, .3 and -.2% respectively). The buying on weakness trade prevailed in the morning as the market took its first serious dip, as Investors bid up the possibility of another bail-out Fed Interest Rate Cut this month.

Many quality names were on "sale" this morning, but that has be taken as a relative term now. If talking about momentum built up in previous highs than sales were indeed prevalent, but if the traders market of this month and next will be one to focus on recessionary fears than stocks have yet to see their final "Sales".

Traders, keep your heads up and don't feed into the panic, play the game rationally and you'll come out just fine on the other end.

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