13 January, 2008

Apple highlights week with MacWorld Conference

Apple's (AAPL) MacWorld conference kicks off this week and CEO Steve Jobs takes the stage Tuesday for his annual keynote presentation. Steve's talk is typically for the company, its biggest stage to announce new products. Possibly none bigger than last year's keynote announcement of the iPhone.

This year the Apple rumor sites are buzzing again as Apple's banners rouse further speculation. "There's something in the air" is this year's theme. Many fans believing the company will update their very successful laptop line of computers. Apple faithful, stockholders, and fanatics alike will be glued to the various sources covering Tuesday's keynote. Historically Apple's stock has seen a bump as speculation builds towards new products and announcements but with the current market sentiment being so negative its hard to say whether fear will continue to keep Technology down, or whether an exciting new product will show Apple stock as a coiled spring ready to bounce higher.

For coverage of the keynote presentation major technology blogs like Engadget and Apple sites (AppleInsider, MacRumors) will be providing minute by minute updates.

One things for certain, Traders will have made their bets well before Steve Jobs takes the stage.

Disclosure: Author is long AAPL

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