28 November, 2007

Markets extend Recovery Effort to 2nd day Wednesday

Major Market indices got another substantial boost Wednesday as stocks across the board rose higher led by Technology and the Financials. The Dow rose more than 330 points while the Nasdaq rose over 80 points. On the Canadian side the TSX rose more than 260 points.

Investors seemed to rekindle hopes for another Rate Cut as the Federal Reserve statements hinted at the possibility. On the recovery path were major and sub-prime financial players such as Citigroup (C), Bank Of America (BAC), Washington Mutual (WM), NovaStar Financial (NFI) and Countrywide Financial (CFC). Traders were keying on news tidbits that helped ease doubts about liquidity problems for the Financial companies particularly from CFC, which said that its "Cash Lines" are intact. That didn't help the embattled lender on the day very much but it spurred the thinking that the bigger players will turn the ship around soon enough, given their sizable asset and normal banking customer base. Citigroup and WM were among the big turnarounds today, moving almost 7%, while BAC was up 4.5%.

The Canadian markets saw a big rebound in the banking sector as well as the major Canadian Financial Institutions like Royal Bank (TSE:RY), CIBC (TSE:CM), Bank Of Nova Scotia (TSE:BNS) and TD Bank (TSE:TD) were all high percentage gainers.

The bigger news on the day, sparking the rally was talk of the Federal Reserve and its plans, going into the next Rate meeting. That meeting is set to take place in early December and Investors hope comments of "offsetting policy" and the rise of commodities such as Oil and Gold will lead to another cut. The long term effects of a rate cut will also produce negatives but at this point Traders are concerned about having the necessary shorter-term buying catalysts going into the end of the year.

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