01 November, 2007

Aftermath of Fed Cut creates Market sell-off led by Financials, Citigroup Pressured

The Federal Reserve statements after their Halloween rate cut of 25 basis points, based on further economic instability due to housing issues, signaled that inflation is at the forefront of The Organization's list of concerns. This talk spooked investors Thursday and led to the Dow dropping by over 360 points. The Nasdaq and the S&P followed suit, both dropping over 2% and the Canadian TSX index fell 1.7%.

Worries over inflation signalled to Traders that the Federal Reserve will be much more cautious about further rate cuts; or as Traders read it, No December cut. This put a damper on the extended Fall rally that seemed to continue yesterday after the Fed's decision to in fact cut rates again.

The market was hurt today primarily by uncertainty in the Financial sector and Citigroup (C) was hit the hardest. Downgrades to Citigroup and Bank Of America (BAC) prompted selling in most financial securities. Looking across the Banking and Investment Banking board was not a pretty site at the close of trading as the entire sector was down by almost an average of 4%. Comments made about Citigroup focused on their ability to stabilize their balance sheet amongst the credit turmoil. This led to fears of a cut in the dividend and sellers were immediately very active. What's the point of owning a steady bank if it needs to cut its dividend just to maintain steady?

While the credit crisis poses serious issues and strains on the financial community of stocks, it is an atmosphere that seems to be closer to the bottom than not. With Citigroup falling below $40/share and probably on its way to $35, the buying support should establish itself in the months ahead. The dividend cut rumors may or may not be true but these banks will continue to operate and in the coming years this credit crisis bottom may be one of the best financial stock opportunities, to bottom feed, that has come around in quite some time.

Google (GOOG) broke a milestone yesterday as it crossed the $700/share mark, and today with all the selling still managed to hold onto a closing price of $703. But not before setting an intra-day all time high of $713. Techs are still in season right now for investors and its worthy to note that once again the Nasdaq was the smallest loser of the day amongst the major US indices.

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