05 April, 2010

Loaded post-Holiday Monday for Media and Markets.

Traders are back in their seats Monday with an upbeat jobs report behind them and Treasuries pushing the magical 4% yield number. All this on a day where the Duke Blue Devils face off against the Butler Bulldogs for College Basketball's biggest prize, Tiger Woods has his first real press conference as Master's week begins and the Baseball Season begins with with the fiercest rivalry in the MLB, last night's opener of Yankees-Red Sox.

Gains in payrolls for the month of March of 162,000 signaled the biggest job increase in multiple years and certainly the most optimistic look for an economy devastated by millions of job losses in the 2 years. Yes, the Government sponsored Census had a part to play, as by some reports, the number of temporary workers hired has been reported near 48,000, but the underlying trend is much improved. The numbers from January and February were revised much higher also, with January turning a 26,000 job loss into a 14,000 job gain and February reducing its loss to only 14,000 from a previous estimate of 36,000.

On this positive data US Treasury yields for the 10-year flirted with the 4% mark. The first time in 10 months that this has happened. Another area creating highs was Energy, as Crude Oil prices pushed to 18-month highs of $86 a barrel.

Investors have a lot to look forward to today not market related, as sports and news take center stage. Opening day of the baseball season is sure to grab some attention away from Bloomberg terminals this afternoon as is Tiger's first full press conference since announcing he returns to play in the Masters. His first Golf Tournament since the infamous car accident and continued fall-out from his grandiose sex scandal. All the while, sports fans across the United States prepare for this year's College Basketball National Championship game tonight between the Blue Devils of Duke and the Bulldogs of Butler in Indianapolis, IN.

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