14 July, 2007

Earnings Week: July 16-20

Earnings season has gotten underway in full swing in the American markets.

Weekly earnings that are of note:

July 17th
Intel (INTC) : Expected $0.19/share
Merrill Lynch (MER): Expected $2.02/share
Coca-Cola (KO): Expected $0.82/share
Yahoo (YHOO): Expected $0.11/share

July 18th
Altria (MO): Expected $1.13/share
eBay (EBAY): Expected $0.32/share
JP Morgan Chase (JPM): Expected $1.08/share
Pfizer (PFE): Expected $0.50/share

July 19th
Banc Of America (BAC): Expected $1.20/share
Broadcom (BRCM): Expected $0.27/share
Google (GOOG): Expected $ 3.59/share
Microsoft (MSFT): Expected $0.31/share

July 20th
Citigroup (C): Expected $1.13/share
Wachovia (WB): Expected $1.22/share

complete earnings schedule available at Yahoo Finance

It'll be a big week for financials and banking as investors will get to see how munch of an effect the sub-prime meltdown spillover has continued to have. Also a big week for technology, specifically in the Internet space as Google will once again be in a position to overshadow Yahoo and Microsoft in the search earnings space.

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Anonymous said...

Google will crush expectations again!