05 October, 2009

Banks are Gold, according to Goldman

Goldman Sachs (GS), long the darling (and jealously-driven scorn) of Wall St. just gave an emphatic gift to all its rivals by declaring the American financial system is a worthwhile investment. With its own shares more than doubling year-to-date Goldman gave its investing clientele the go-ahead to purchase other large banks, sending financial shares higher today and leading the market to gains or just about 1%.

By claiming large banks will outperform regional banks, Goldman spawned gains of between 2 and 6% for the major financial institutions. Despite the shot of love Goldman has thrown the financial companies, it finds itself battling one hell of a PR campaign on the topic of excessive bonuses. The company was looked at with balking eyes as it reported near record profits and bonus levels in the first half of this year, a year only one removed from the biggest financial and market failure since the Great Depression.

Perhaps Goldman wants to set the mood, favourable for all banks and it turn for itself. Since there's no shortage of politics now in finance, by giving an agreeable nod to the upcoming performances of the major banks, it'll soften the political blow when Goldman reports another record quarterly profit and annual bonus numbers that draft everyone else on the street.

The company is known for its shredding and fleecing of most it does business with, and a recent report showcased that Goldman receives $1Billion if the institution CIT fails, and price tag that would cost taxpayers $2.3Billion will do nothing to change that reputation. The well publicized bailout of AIG during the meat of the financial crisis, of which Goldman Sachs was one counter-party reportedly receiving billions of then federal dollars is just another such example.

But isn't that exactly what you want from an Investment Bank? To be the smartest group of guys in the room? I'd say so, and despite any public or political backlash over bonuses, Goldman is on tap to report another golden quarter. And that's something worth owning.

Disclosure: Author owns GS

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