18 September, 2008

Markets eye huge open as SEC bans Short Selling Financials

Following Thursday afternoon rally, which led the Dow to a 400 point gain, the US SEC stepped in announcing a temporary ban on short selling 799 Financial stocks. A move that had been called for by Investors and members of the industry for the last few days. A move that is certainly seen by Investors as curbing the tide of massive profiteering by manipulators betting with the Financial collapse.

The news, along with the Federal Reserve's talking points about a sweeping plan to fix things in the tumbling financial sector, gave traders a renewed optimism. On this day the bull wins in the morning. The usual finance suspects are making the most waves as buyers are coming back in full force in pre-market trading.

Before the open some of the big names in the sector were looking well up.
Citigroup (C) up 34%
Goldman Sachs (GS) up 32%
Bank Of America (BAC) up 26%
Morgan Stanley (MS) up 49%
JP Morgan Chase (JPM) up 19%
Wachovia (WB) up 65%
Washington Mutual (WM) up 58%

An incredible buying turnaround from where these companies were just a few days ago.

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