27 December, 2007

Amazon's Strongest Holiday Ever, Company on fire, Stock still Pricey

A couple high profile Technology names have been making waves over the last couple of days. Amazon (AMZN) and Apple Inc. (AAPL) have both been in the news for the better, with the former seeing record retail sales, and the latter hitting record highs. Christmas has been very good for web-retailer Amazon, as it came out saying that it in fact had its biggest and strongest sales season ever.

For a company that's been an Internet giant for more than 10 years, it definitely seems like Amazon has hit a new stride and is once again riding an optimistic wave. The numbers though are just staggering, but more on that in a second. Yes more and more shoppers are comfortable online, yes there's more product available online than ever, yes Internet penetration is rolling out further worldwide, but still, Amazon's surge in shopping can majorly be credited to its own internal innovations, and with that the simplest form of advertising, word of mouth.

The busiest day this year saw more than 5.4Million items being bought. Highlighted specifically by strong demand for Nintendo's popular Wii game console, the refreshed line of Apple's iPods and Mac computers, GPS systems and HDTVs. Comparing to last year, this was about a 35% increase! Now yes this is a "peak" numeric, but I think it is safe to say that Amazon's on the retail uptrend, rather than just simply enjoying seasonal consumer increases. Even the company's own Kindle e-book reader is reportedly selling well in its early stages. It is news like this that will really boost the company back to its triple digit share price highs, as the retail business is very low margin while the electronics game is something else entirely.

A $40Billion market cap based on a triple digit P/E ratio is still too rich for my liking but the strongest companies have a knack for slowly molding from inflated P/Es and before you know it they even seem cheap. To say that Amazon is growing again would be a tragic understatement, the company is better than its ever been, now if only they can judge that Wall Street expectations game as well as ever, shareholders can rejoice alongside with staff.

Disclosure: Author does not own AMZN

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