14 October, 2007

Earnings Week Preview Oct 15 - Oct 19

Busy crop of earnings lie ahead as Major Technology firms and the Financials are set to report quarterly numbers. Citigroup (C) is up first on Monday followed by Bank Of America (BAC) Thursday. The Internet giants lead Technology into the full earnings swing as Yahoo (YHOO), eBay (EBAY) and Google (GOOG) all report on consecutive days.

The Biggest mobile phone maker Nokia (NOK) will have investor eyes squarely on it Thursday and big Bio Techs Pfizer (PFE) and Genentech (DNA) also square off this week. The extended rally since the Fed rate cute has pushed investor confidence higher but it has also made for some weary trading as even slight earnings upside may not be enough to push stocks much higher past record levels.

As Technology has led the rally of late, all eyes seem to be on those uber-growth firms, and whether they can maintain their lofty valuations by trumping street expectations for yet another quarter.

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