30 September, 2007

3rd Calendar Quarter Ends, Earnings Season Begins

As a tumultuous 3rd Calendar quarter comes to a close, market volatility grabbed most of the trading headlines as the markets felt the effects of the credit crisis and a Fed induced Rate Cut Rally.

What the end of the quarter brings is wave after wave of Corporate Earnings. The markets have seen earnings from the Financials coming over the last couple of weeks, highlighted by Goldman Sachs (GS) tremendous expectations beat. The first week of October is highlighted by a couple gadget/phone makers as Palm (PALM) reports Monday and Research In Motion (RIMM) reports Thursday. The two smart phone competitors have been going in opposite directions and Palm hopes its latest cheap device can put a dent in the momentum that's been grabbed by the BlackBerry and Apple's (AAPL) iPhone.

Overall the upcoming earnings week is fairly calm as a storm of earnings will come in the last three weeks of October.

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